Monday, August 4, 2008

The kids can skate!!

So the little monsters have been taking a skating class for about 5 weeks. Both took to it right away :) At first they kinda looked like little penguins but now both can actually glide and go pretty fast.

These first 2 videos are from their second time skating, 7/9


And this was yesterday, 8/3

They've come a long way! Matthew even wore his hockey skates for a while. He's having a hard time with them because of the way the blades are rockered. Regular figure skates have a straight blade and he does really good when he's using those. When he puts on the hockey skates he tends to lean back for support and falls right on his butt. He'll get it eventually!

And a little about Jordan's JRA. Jordan is doing really well. The Enbrel is helping her joints but as of last Thursday it hasn't helped her eyes at all. I'm not sure what will happen if her eyes don't improve. I've decided that we need to find another ophthalmologist because the one she's seeing now has gotten to the point where he's not treating her like he should be. Jordan has Uveitis and with the type of JRA she has she is at risk if losing her vision if she is not treated the right way. So we'll be making even more trips down to CHLA but she'll be getting the treatment she needs to save her sight. I just hope gas prices keep going down...

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