Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been a while and a lot has been going on....

Lets see, since the last time I posted, I've been in the hospital TWICE, once for seizure like spells and once for my hysterectomy, Rick has been taking care of us, Matty turned 4, Jordan is kicking butt in school, had a pneumonia and scarlet fever, started Humira for her JRA and Uveitis, both kids can ride a 2 wheel bike without training wheels and we got to meet 3 LA Kings players!

Back in March we took the kids to a Kings game. It was our gift to J for her birthday. We just found out that Jordan's arthritis had spread and she was in a flare. This always happens around her birthday. Remember she was officially diagnosed and had surgery 3 weeks before she turned 3? Well that's how it's been every year since. Something else pops up or she's flaring or her eyes are a mess.

Anyway, at that game we made signs to hold up during pre game warm ups. Well Jordan has a huge crush on Anze Kopitar. Her sign said "I love Kopitar" and it had some hearts on it. At the end of the warm up session he came over and gave Jordan a puck.

She was so excited and kept saying this was the BESTEST birthday present ever. I was so touched that I emailed the Kings and asked them to pass on the email to Kopitar and thank him for making J so happy and allowing us to forget about her issues for a night. 3 months later I got an email from the community relations manager asking if it was ok to post my email on their site and asked if we would be interested in meeting Kopitar sometime. Of course I said yes.

Months passed and I figured that it was never going to happen. Last week Rick decided to email the Kings and see if the meeting was still possible. After a few emails back and forth we were given tickets to last Saturdays game against Nashville. We still didn't know if the meet and greet was going to happen but we were happy to be going to a game for free. We got an email Friday night saying that the meeting was a go but to not tell the kids. It was hard to keep to ourselves but we did it.

After the game we met up with Jen, the community relations manager, and she took us down to the tunnel then into the media room. She told the kids we were going to see the zamboni but Jordan knew better. Jen asked Matty who his favorite player was and he said Dustin Brown. After about 10 minutes in the media room Dustin Brown comes walking in and immediately gets down to Matty's level and starts talking to him. He signed Matty's jersey and poster the he made.

Dustin leaves then Matty being Matty decides that at that very moment he needs to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he could hold it for a few more minutes but he couldn't. Rick took him to the bathroom and as they're walking back into the media room someone says "And here is Anze Kopitar!" Matty comes running down the hall yelling "KOPI!!!!!!" then comes up to him and tells him that he had to pee. Anze laughs and says "That's ok, I had to take a shower." :)

He signs the kids jerseys and Jordan tells him that the puck is the one he gave her in March. He told Jordan he remembered her. He was so nice to the kids and signed Jordan's poster she made especially for this game.

We got a family picture with Anze and as we were trying to get up I almost knocked us all down. I was only 2 weeks post op and I shouldn't have been down kneeling like that.
As we were leaving Erik Ersberg, the goalie, comes walking in and goes right down to Jordan and starts talking to her. He signed her jersey then we were all kicked out.

It was an amazing night and once again the Kings helped us forget all the negative things happening in our life right now. I know compared to many, many other families our problems are nothing but when it happens to your family it's a big deal. It seems that we have this black cloud hanging over us and we can't get out from under it. Jordan is flaring again but it isn't as bad as it could be. I'm getting better as each day passes and I'm hoping by Christmas to be 100% pain free. Rick has been wonderful! He's taken J to school, done all the shopping, cooking and cleaning not to mention taking care of me and making sure I don't do too much. If it wasn't for him everything would be a total mess right now. Not sure what I'm gonna do when he goes back to work....


Sarah said...

Awesome news, Stacey! Hope you're feeling better soon. XOXOXO

chased.by.the.mamarazzi said...

Stacey that was awesome reading all about the meet and greet! How cool to have an awesome opportunity like that! I know the kids had to be beside themselves. I loved how J was nervously playing with her ponytail! So cute!