Thursday, April 23, 2009

J is 7 and Bub is in "school"!

My baby girl is all grown up. Well, not really but it sure seems like it. She's looking older every day. She's so pickey about her clothes and hair. I can't imagine how she'll be in a few more years. She's doing really well as far as her arthritis goes. She still has some swelling in her right knee and wrist but she's not complaining. Her eyes are "quiet" which is something we haven't heard in a long time. She had a slight temp yesterday so I'm keeping an eye on her to see if she's gonna start flaring. Hopefully it's just a slight cold and nothing more. 1 month until we see Taylor Swift in San Diego!! Jordan is excited and truth be told so am I. And I think Rick is too :)

And Bub. He likes school has lots of friends and can't wait until he's in the "big" school with Jordan. He has his kindy physical about a month ago and got all his shots and didn't flinch. He siad if Jordan can have shots and not cry so can he. He has an appointment with the ENT tomorrow to see about his tubes. They've been in there now for about 2 years. They aren't actually in his ear drum just in the canal. If you look into his ear with a flashlight you can see these tiny little plastic blue things, the tubes. He's had a few infections since they've come out so we may be looking at another set :( At least this time I know it really is such a simple procedure. He was out of our sight for a total of 5-10 minutes last time. Nothing like J's surgery on her knee.

All of my tests came back fine so that means no one knows why I hurt and an so tired all the time yet can't sleep. I did have 1 test some back positive, Epstein Barr AKA the mono bug, but I don't have mono. My doc said it's a reactive positive and the fatigue and achyness could last for months. Great. Maybe that is all that's wrong. I do get to see a urologist next week to finally figure out why it hurts to pee. I may have Interstitial cystitis. I won't know for sure unless i have a scope done so it looks like I have another "procedure" to look forward to. YAY!!!

So that's what's new with us. Nothing exciting. Rick and I will be celebrating 19 years together this weekend. I can't believe it's already been that long. Yes, we have little breaks here and there but in the end we're where we belong.

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The Shooks said...

Glad to see Jordan is doing good! Thats awesome that Bubba is such a good little brother! Thats what Harper is calling my belly, Bubba!