Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our walk was AWESOME!!!

As many of you know, or as many that actually read this thing anyway, our annual Arthritis Walk was held on May 3. This year it was held at Magic Mountain. It was a little more chaotic then last years but it was fun. We missed out on having our team photo taken again this year. I missed the booths but J did get her hero hat. The kids wanted to go play once the walk was over and we had some trouble getting our tickets from Guest Relations. It all turned out and we had a blast. The kids were able to ride Ninja and all the water rides. And of course they rode just about everything in Bunny World. I think they like it there. Rick and I weren't too sure about the park because of how it used to be. Rick worked security years and years ago and saw all the gangs and fights daily. We were both there for the riot and we were afraid things were the same or worse. Turns out things have gotten MUCH better. Their is now a sheriff station on the property and deputies on duty at all times when the park is open. One of Rick's good friends is the head security manager and he assured us that the park was safe and that the kids would have a good time. He was right.

We decided that if the kids grow a little bit more we'll get season passes next year. They're just a tiny bit shorter then 48" and that is the requirement for most rides so we figure next year they'll both be tall enough. Well, we hope J is anyway.

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Jacob's Mom said...

Hi, I recently found your blog through another JRA mom. I hope you don't mind I added the link to your blog on mine. My son is 10 and I shared your video with my son before his last injection of Humira, and it was the easiet shot yet. He saw your daughter being so brave and was like I can do this easy too. He has been on Humira for a year and still has issues with the injection.
Your daughter is a brave little girl! Thanks for sharing!