Sunday, June 7, 2009


SED rate back up, left wrist is "thick." What does this mean?? Not too sure but it doesn't sound too good. Good news is her eyes are still "quiet." I could shout that from the roof top and only a select few would know what I was talking about. The Humira seems to be doing it's job as far as the eyes go but now we're worried about her joints. Why can't we get to a point where EVERYTHING looks good and stay there?

J's last day of school was Friday so it's time for Mommy to keep her busy. It's gonna be hard considering Momma doesn't feel well most days. I'm still waiting for my referral to the rheumatologist. What are the odds? My left wrist has been swollen and stiff for a few weeks and my index finger has been swollen for who knows how long. It hurts pretty bad too. The rest of my body just aches and feels like I'm covered in bruises. Both of us with RA? Guess we'll see.

Bub will be finishing up pre K in a few weeks. Come August both kiddos will be in school. What am I going to do with myself? Hmmmm.... I can make all those different doc appointments I keep putting off. I can take an online class or 2 and if at all possible I could get a nice DSLR and pratice some photography. Yeah, I pick that. I'd love to do some random photography stuff once the kids are in school. Now to find the funds to get a camera and a lens. Some day....

Oh and we took the kids to see Taylor Swift on 5/24. The show was awesome!!! J had a great time and Matty, well Matty fell asleep. Ahhh.... to be a man and be able to fall asleep anywhere at any time.

On the way to San Diego

Before the show

At the show

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