Thursday, June 11, 2009

We did this!!

I know we can't take all the credit, but Rick and I made these 2 perfect little monsters. They amaze me yet drive me insane daily. But then I get a photo like this and all that goes away and I think, WE did that! 2 perfect little people...

So, Jordan is totally crazy over this boy, Zach. He's a good kid and they've known each other pretty much since birth. Rick and Ryan grew up in the same neighborhood, played little league together and now we're raising our families next door to each other. From the day we moved in I saw the little sparkle in J's eye when Zach was around. She's just a baby and really she shouldn't be thinking about boys yet but she is. Maybe it's just a faze. Or maybe this is the beginning of what we'll get to deal with for the next 10+ years. I just hope she breaks a few hearts and that it's not always her getting hurt.

And, Matthew finishes up Pre K soon. We can't decide if we should keep him in through July or let him have most of the summer off. School starts August 19 so if he goes through July he'll have a few weeks off. He only goes 2 half days a week but he likes it. And it keep him out of my hair considering all of a sudden he needs to be entertained A L L T H E T I M E!!! I love my Bub but he really needs to become a little more independent again. Not sure what happened but he seems to need to be with me all the time. I was trying to remember when it started and I believe it was right around when I was in the hospital in the fall. I really should be happy he still wants me. I know there will come a day when I'll be chopped liver.

So tonight as the kids are sleeping and I'm looking at these new photos I'm wondering where did my babies go?? I swear I just had a baby girl. Didn't I just get a positive pregnancy test telling us #2 was on the way?? I'm not really going to be 35 am I? What happened to the last 7 years of my life? It's all a blur until I look at the pictures like these...

And then I remember it all.

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