Sunday, August 2, 2009

August already

In a little over 2 weeks my Bub will be starting his school career. Hard to believe that next month that boy will be 5. He's excited to start school and he's hoping to be in class with his friend Jake. I on the other hand am hoping he is not. Matthew and Jacob in the same class would be hard on the teacher. The boys love each other and would talk and play when they should be learning.

Miss Jordan will be starting second grade. I remember her first day of school like it was yesterday and it just doesn't seem possible that she's already starting second grade. She's more then ready to go back. She gets bored so quick these days so she's counting down to 8/19.

She saw Dr. B about a week ago and for the most part Jordan is doing really well. Her eyes are clear which means the Humira is working. Jordan hasn't been able to go without a uveitis flare in years so her being clear for 6 months is huge! Her right knee isn't really bad but it isn't good either. She does have some swelling and her ankle is warm but not swollen so for now she's back on naproxen twice a day for a month and we'll see how she does. Dr. B is afraid J is trying to flare again. Hopefully not but is she is we'll deal with it just like we always have.

I know there are other JRA families who read this from time to time so I'm adding a video of Jordan doing her Humira injection. She really hates this one because it stings but she knows it helps and she needs it.

Some fun before school starts :)


tharr said...

It breaks my heart every time I hear a child's story. I always thought RA was an old person's disease. I was diagnosed (properly) with it at 44 and it has been a struggle for me at times.

Kid's are supposed to be running and playing with friends, not taking routine shots and laying in bed hurting. She is a little trooper.

Keep up the good work Jordan, you're in our prayers.


Jacob's Mom said...

So great to hear the Humira is working! Jacob's eye's have been clear since last summer when he started Humira. He has been doing well with the shots also. It was really tough in the beginning because of the burning. I hope Jordan continue's to do so well!