Monday, August 24, 2009

Momma has Lupus

It's official. It's not what we expected but it is what it is. It's an answer and now we can start treating it. Hopefully I won't get sick(er) and I'll feel better soon.

Jordan is amazing. She keeps telling me not to think about it. "Just take the medicine because it will make you feel better!" She would know first hand too. She told me she'd help me when I felt bad and she said if I need shots like her she'll hold my hand. She's such a sweetie.

Both kids started school last Wednesday. Matthew loves it so far and Jordan is happy to be back. She gets so bored after so many days of not doing anything. We did stuff over the summer but the girl loves to learn. I hope she stays this way.

First day!

Miss Jordan got glasses! Just for reading but knowing our family she'll eventually need them all the time at some point.

And this is a tiny little lizard the kids caught outside yesterday. I guess there has been several in the yard and they finally were able to catch one.


Jacob's Mom said...

Sorry to hear that about you!! The kids look so cute on their first day. Don't you wonder how Jordan can have swelling still on the meds. It almost feels like you give them these meds end of story. Why would they still have swelling? Frustrating isn't it? Yay on her eyes still clear. Jacob has been clear since July 08 mon Humira. He will be off meds for a few weeks with his upcoming surgery. I hope it doesn't cause any problems.

Summer said...

Hi, I found your blog through my friend Leslie (Ayla's Journey) anywho, I am a mommy of a miracle baby who is Ayla's BFF and almost 3! I was diagnosed with DM, Lupus & RA over a year ago... I am on several meds... and have done tons of research on this... I ya want to hop over to my blog maybe it will help... P.S. your kids look so cute starting out to school...