Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shot night @ the Howe house

I'm beginning to hate Sunday evenings. J and I do our MTX injections. This week was my second shot. Jordan is a pro at this but not me. Mine sting! J keeps telling me I'll get use to it so maybe?

She doesn't even flinch!

Wish I could say the same!

I hope one day we won't need these shots...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How is summer going to be?

For 5 wonderful years we lived in Ventura, just 5 minutes from the beach. We were there as often as possible. I'd take the kids to Marina Park to watch the sunset and play before Rick got home. The kids both caught their first fish off Ventura Pier and in the beginning of all of Jordan's issues we'd take her fishing after her appointments. It was something she wanted to do.

Now that we're back in SCV we're about 1 hour from the water. It's not bad but it's not like we can just up and leave for an hour or 2. Now it's a day trip. Last summer I was sick. We never once made it out to the beach. I was too tired or I hurt.

I'm not supposed to be out in the sun. The UV rays can trigger a flare which makes me miserable. Both Jordan and I are on meds that make us burn very easy. I am anal about putting sunscreen on the kids but I often forget to lotion up myself... or maybe it's just denial that the sun hurts me too. Matthew needs to learn how to swim. I want him to learn this year. I want to take the kids out on the bike path and ride everyday like other families do.

How do I do these things when even the simplest things like going to the market wear me out? Even putting away yarn from projects I've finished made me want to nap. How do people with extreme fatigue and pain function? Going to church for a few hours once a week takes a toll on me so how am I going to keep 2 kids happy when they're on vacation this summer? It's not fair to them to sit around all summer and be bored.

Not sure what the point of this is but I've been wondering about this a lot. I guess at this point all I can do is pray that these meds help so we can be a "normal" family again.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recent crafty type stuff (IMG HEAVY!!!!)

A few blankets and cakes. I'm working on a few other blankets and I've made both kids a scarf. My hands have been hurting so I'm not able to work on things as much as I'd like. Hopefully if/WHEN the meds kick in I'll be able to crochet daily again. It calms me and I really miss it.

This was my Grandma's birthday cake. We had a big party for her in September. I honestly think she knew where she was and who we were.

Matthew's 5th birthday cake. An ice cream cake made by Mommy :)

And here are a few recent blankets. I've made a total of 5 of the Spiderman ones. The kids LOVE them!

And this... This was made for me when Rick and I were still in school. That means I've had it for almost 20 years. And people said we wouldn't last....

Friday, February 12, 2010


We've all been sick and it's not fun. I've been having flares here and there and feeling not so hot. My MTX makes me sick so I'm supposed to start injections this Sunday. WOOHOO!! J thinks we're twins now! I'm not looking forward to it but I know how much they've helped her so I'm willing to try. So, Sunday nights J and I will line up for our shots. I really hope this help with my nausea.

Matty had a check up with his ENT and his tubes are still working great. One less thing for me to worry about :) J sees Dr. B on Thursday and since her labs are still looking good we *might* be able to start weaning her off some. That would be awesome but I'm not getting my hopes up. Eyes have been 100% clear for a year now. That is amazing. I thank the Humira for her sight :)

Rick is now a certified EMT. He's applying with AMR so hopefully soon he will be out of FedEx. The only down side to this is the fact that we will be without insurance for 90 days. We will try to get COBRA but that will be expensive. If we can't, I guess we'll be paying for our meds out of pocket. That is scary but we'll do what we need to do!