Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recent crafty type stuff (IMG HEAVY!!!!)

A few blankets and cakes. I'm working on a few other blankets and I've made both kids a scarf. My hands have been hurting so I'm not able to work on things as much as I'd like. Hopefully if/WHEN the meds kick in I'll be able to crochet daily again. It calms me and I really miss it.

This was my Grandma's birthday cake. We had a big party for her in September. I honestly think she knew where she was and who we were.

Matthew's 5th birthday cake. An ice cream cake made by Mommy :)

And here are a few recent blankets. I've made a total of 5 of the Spiderman ones. The kids LOVE them!

And this... This was made for me when Rick and I were still in school. That means I've had it for almost 20 years. And people said we wouldn't last....

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