Friday, March 12, 2010

New crochet projects, J's needs glasses and Bubby got an award :)

This is going to be one of the hardest projects I've ever tried. Any guesses on who it's for??

I'm also working on another afghan and I think I'm going to try a hat soon. I've stayed away from making anything other then afghans and baby blankets because I'm afraid of messing up. I've made both kids scarves but I didn't follow any pattern. I just made them. I am going to make scarf for Devin and follow a pretty cool pattern I found. Hopefully I don't mess it up too bad.

Jordan had an eye exam yesterday with our regular optometrist. She's far sided and had an astigmatism like the rest of us. Big surprise there. We'll go this weekend to order her new glasses. In July we'll be able to get her new Rx put in her pink and black frames. Our vision insurance is weird. We can only get frames once every 2 years and lenses once a year. Since she got her reading glasses in July we need to wait until July. Good thing Walmart and Target have cheaper frames and lenses. Any parent who had/has a child who wears glasses knows how they get lost or broken once every few months. J sat on hers this week. Thankfully when the optical tech was able to fix them for us yesterday :)

Matthew for an award for effort a few weeks ago. His teacher said he's very bright and he's bound to do "big things" in life. He's fascinated by space and science. He can tell you things that a normal kid his age would have no interest in.

And I'm going bald. Maybe not bald but my hair is really thinning. It's been falling out for about 3 years now but it's getting worse. My doc says it's from the inflammation in my body but I'm sure the methotrexate isn't helping. Since starting the injections my nausea has gotten better. It was still there but I doubled my folic acid and it's pretty much gone. I still have my moments but it really much better then it was. I'm still tired and could probably sleep a good 12+ hours a day. I guess it's all part of the disease...