Tuesday, October 12, 2010

World Arthritis Day means......?

***I'm real late on this but I'm hosting some amazing friends who are visiting from out of state, I'm super tired, achy & swollen. And I just found out that I have RA myself. I was diagnosed with lupus first which wasn't the whole story. I'm finally seeing a rheumatologist that is going to help me. I'll be starting Enbrel this week. Wish me luck!***

If you belong to any active online arthritis community you've heard about WAD. The Arthritis Foundation and American College of Rheumatology (ACR) have decided that today will be World "Arthritis" Day. Too bad they are only focusing on osteoarthritis, (OA). When you hear the word arthritis you probably automatically think of OA, which is the type of most people have or will have at some point in their life. It's painful, can cause a lot of damage leading to joint replacements. I know that's how I was until the other type of arthritis, autoimmune arthritis, (AA) came and invaded our lives forever.

To learn more about autoimmune arthritis visit International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement

Jordan was diagnosed with JRA when she was just barley 3. We went 6 months of seeing different doctors, having different labs done, surgery to finally have an answer. Juvenile RA isn't well known. In fact, adult RA isn't really known or understood. When you tell someone you have AA, which is what I tell people J & I have, they look at me funny. When I go on to tell them about the treatments we need they question me or say, "Well, so and so has arthritis too and all s/he needs is advil or aleve. That may be true for OA but not AA. With AA the treatments include but are not limited to: NSAIDs, steroids, low dose chemotherapy, biologic drugs, physical and occupational therapy.

A few faces of arthritis

I'm all for arthritis awareness but I wish the ACR and AF were making a bigger deal about AA. IAAM is working hard to re brand the word arthritis. People need to know that "arthritis" isn't just something old people get.

"IAAM, the 1st nonprofit in history that focuses exclusively on the 7 Autoimmune Arthritis diseases, is asking you to participate in this global awareness event by forwarding and posting this newsletter and, if possible, purchasing one of the 3 awareness designs shown on the publication. These items can be purchased by visiting the IAAM website atwww.IAAMovement.org. (The awareness designs range from $5-15 with 100% of the proceeds donated to IAAM to create future awareness programs)."

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