Saturday, January 29, 2011

To our friends & family

I'm not sure how to go about this so I don't offend anyone. I really don't mean to and if I do offend you, I apologize. This is something I have been trying to put into (nice) words ever since Jordan brought it to my attention a few weeks ago.

Most of our friends have known our family for a while. Some of you remember everything we've been through with Jordan. Some of you have read or have heard Rick and I talk about Jordan and her issues. She's been fighting autoimmune arthritis for just about her entire life. Remember, she's not even 9 yet. 6 years have gone by and she's not been in remission once.

4 years ago we began taking part in the Arthritis Foundation's annual Arthritis Walk. Our first year I think we had 8-10 people on our team. The following year the walk was at Magic Mountain and we had a pretty good turn out. I think we had about 20-25 people walk with us. Last year, our team dropped back down to 10 people.

When I registered our team this year, Jordan asked me if we were going to have a big team like the other kids with JRA have. I wanted to say, yes, of course! But all I could tell her was that I hope we do.

If she had cancer or diabetes or cystic fibrosis would you walk for her? Would you raise funds to help find cure or for programs for sick kids?

Jordan isn't that different from the kids who have those diseases. She does weekly injections of chemotherapy. CHEMO! And it makes her sick. She has to go to the hospital once a month to have medication given in an IV. She has lab work done every month. Her life is quite different then the life of a healthy child. She's had grown up way too fast and she knows when she has the support of her friends and family.

What I'm asking, OK begging, is that you please give up a Sunday morning in May to show Jordan that we love her and we DO support her in her fight against this disease that has taken so much from her. I do understand people have to work and life happens but it's just a few hours and it would mean so much to her. The walk will be held at Magic Mountain again this year. One lap around the park and you're done! If I can do it and Jordan was able to walk it, YOU can too!! There is entertainment and snacks and it's FUN!

Thank you,
Rick & Stacey

Jordan's PINK Angels


Nancy said...

Stacey~ I know we have only "met" on FB, but if I were anywhere near you all in CA and not 8 or so states away--I'd be there!!!! THIS is such a NEEDED cause!! When babies are in more pain than anyone could imagine, and take meds that not only have potential for other diseases, but horrific side effects, then why can't we give one hour of our time and a give up a few "extras" we may treat ourselves with during s week to help them find a CURE? I hope Jordan has the LARGEST support system--Team for the walk. =) Good luck & I'm with ya Jordan!!!
<3 Nancy Murphy

Stacey said...

Thank you Nancy! This was really hard for me to write but it was harder to hear Jordan tell me she doesn't feel special like the other kids who have big teams at our walk every year :(

We'll see what happens.

Deetipton said...

I almost wrote a post just like this last year- until I realized that we only have ONE family member that reads me blog. ONE. My parents... they're old, my dad has heart problems. I understand for them, but my little bean doesn't understand why it's just Mom, Dad & her brother. It took until Em was in the hospital this year for her own sister to understand that this was serious!!! All that I know, all that I share with her meant nothing until she saw it herself.

I also hope that ya'll have the largest walk team! I hope that everyone realizes that this is nothing fun for anyone and come out in full support. I'm in Florida or we'd come join you :(

Stacey said...

Danielle, I wish I didn't have to write it but it hurt when J asked. I don't know how much of my family reads this but I did post a link on FB and I have several family members there so we'll see.

Amy Cunningham said...

Well for crying out loud, this one made me cry too!! I feel your pain on this. No one seems to GET IT, no one seems to care. It's JUST arthritis right? No big deal. Walk ONE frickin day in MY KIDS SHOES!!!!!! Yeah, I feel your pain and anger :"(

AmandaGoss said...

Aww, that made my eyes water. We can definitely relate! Wesley has averaged about 50 people on his team for the Arthritis Walk and JBR last year... He was the honoree for both, so it seemed easy to find those interested in joining. This year, people are supportive but feel like they did their part last year by attending, so we are really going to struggle I think for the walk in May. This is the last time he's the honoree and I just hope that people will still show their support but it looks kind of grim.