Friday, April 8, 2011

Does this happen to you?!

This is something new for me. At least once a day my hands and feet do something weird. They get red, swell and feel like they're on fire. It starts with one finger or toe and spreads to the rest. These episodes last for about 30 minutes. And it hurts. This photo was taken at the beginning of an episode and really doesn't show much. Bub was the only one here with me and snapped the pic real fast.

I emailed my rheumy about it and she said it's RA. She wants me to start back on pred, which I just weaned off of, and we'll adjust my meds again when I see her in June. But if these episodes keep up, I think I'll need to see her sooner. I don't know what else we can adjust. I upped my MTX last month because I wanted off pred. I was feeling good and I thought it was time. I had no idea it was helping so much but I hate the weight gain with pred. Not sure what I'm going to do next.

We spent the day in Ventura with a new friends this past Monday. We met a 3 year old living with JA, her mom and her cousin. Being out there made me realize how much I miss living there. The kids were home. As soon as we opened the doors they both took in a big breath of ocean air and sighed. They miss it as much as I do. We used to pack up and head to the beach to watch the sunset at least once a week. A spur if the moment trip to the pier to fish was also common.

I feel better when I'm out there! I found out that being in the sun isn't a good thing anymore but while we were there I felt amazing. When I go to the beach or plan to be in the sun for any length of time I will be wearing long sleeves and pants. I've had a lot of pain and swelling this week. But it was worth to meet an amazing little girl and to see the kids playing on the beach again.

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