Thursday, April 14, 2011

"pink jordans 2011"

Within the last week or so there have been several visitors to our blog using Google. They type in the same thing "pink jordans 2011" every time and it brings them to my post about our walk. I don't know why but it's done about 2 times a day from different parts of the country. I'm sure it's a group of people mocking us or a group sitting around criticizing our decision to treat Jordan the way we are. Obviously, they really aren't interested in our story or they would leave comments or contact me. Why stalk my blog? If you aren't hiding, then why not just follow us? I don't get it.

Speaking of pink angels, aren't these cute?! One of the members of our Pink Angels  is a JA survivor. Katie's mom hand painted these pins for us to hand out with every donation of $20 or more. I love the team we have this year. We've got 25 people signed up to walk with us and more signing up soon. I hope everyone follows through. If not, I'm going to have a very unhappy Peanut on my hands. 


Yeh Family said...

You know...I wonder if some of them are googling the new Air Jordans...they come in pink!

Living AutoImmune said...

Very possible!