Monday, May 2, 2011

My kid has done her time. Enough is enough.

Well, little Miss Jordan Lynne is trying to flare. In addition to the inflammation in her eyes, she has some swelling in her hands. Labs are starting to climb as well so we increased her Remicade. We'll see how her eyes are in 4 weeks and then we'll see how she is doing overall in 6. If she still has some inflammation going on, she'll be going back to infusions every 4 weeks and we'll need to up her MTX back to where she was a few months ago.

Dr. G and I also decided that Jordan needs to start PT again. Jordan has adjusted the way she walks/moves because of her pain. Her leg and ankle muscles are extremely tight because she guards her knees when she walks. I don't know what she does, how she does it or how long it's been going on but we need to fix it. I should get a call this week from the peds PT department and we'll schedule her appointment.

Today while we were at the infusion center I decided to take lots of video clips of Jordan's day. Matthew was under the impression that it's a "fun day" when she goes. He now knows different. Having to sit there all day hooked up to 2 machines is NOT fun. So, I put a few of those little clips together for him. Jordan loved it and asked if we could put it to music and upload it to YouTube to share with everyone. Of course I said yes! So here is a look at Jordan's day at the clinic.