Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Jeffrey Gottfurcht Children's Arthritis Foundation

Do you know who Jeffrey Gottfurcht is? No? Well you should. Especially if you have RA, JRA or know someone who does. Jeff is the first person with RA to summit Mt. Everest. For a normal healthy person this is quite an accomplishment but for those of us who live with RA, some days just walking to our car is something that is barley manageable. Climbing to the top of the world is completely out of the question.

Well, Jeff did it. He did it for a few reasons. One of course is because it was a dream of his and he didn’t let RA take that away. Another is to raise awareness about RA. Not just RA but JUVENILE RA. Yes, kids get this too but if you know me, you already know that because Jordan was diagnosed when she was a toddler.

Jeff has a foundation called The Jeffrey Gottfurcht Children’sArthritis Foundation. What this foundation does is simply amazing. JGCAF grants “dreams” for kids with JRA. Jordan is one of those kids who had a dream granted. Back in February of this year JGCAF sent our family to the American Girl Store in Hollywood for the day. Jordan got to pick out 3 dolls, some accessories, we had lunch, and she got a gift bag full of stuff all compliments of JGCAF. 

Jeff has fulfilled the dreams of several kids like Jordan. Their dreams range from iPads, computers, TVs, a new guitar and in the next few weeks for the first time the foundation will be sending a family to Disney World for a week. The things Jeff and the other members of JGCAF are doing for JA kids is a blessing to those of us who are lucky enough to have a dream granted. Jordan has wanted an American Girl doll for a long time. If you know anything about these dolls you know they are not cheap. Because of Jordan and I are sick we spend a lot on medical. Rick is our only income and just so you know, EMTs don’t make a lot of money.  We would never be able to afford to give Jordan a day like the JGCAF did. We couldn’t even afford to sign up Matthew for t-ball last spring and I highly doubt we’ll be able to this fall. But that’s a whole other issue we face.

My point for writing this-- Jeff is looking to raise $29,000 in 29 days in honor of his 29,000 foot climb to the top of Mt. Everest.  
Via Jeff Gottfurcht on FaceBook-- Our Foundation is determined to raise $29,000 in 29 days to continue to fulfill the dreams of kids fighting JRA. $29,000 for the height of Mt. Everest. Please help us, by not only donating, but by continuing to spread the word about what we do for these kids. Even $1 dollar helps us toward our goal. You have the power to help us make these dreams come true.
I know I have asked for a lot the last few months with the walk and all but PLEASE consider donating to this cause. Obviously, this is very close to our hearts. You can go to the site and watch videos of kids who have had dreams granted and see their face light up. I will never forget the look on Jordan’s face when she realized she could pretty much pick anything in the American Girl Store. Our kids need and deserve this. Our kids don’t look sick so their disease is pretty much unknown in the public. The JGCAF is changing that.  

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