Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday night part 1, the good part.

Wednesday was one of those treat days we rarely get. By the grace of God we got free LA Kings tickets. We had the most incredible time as a family that I could remember at a game. Our seats were horrible but that didn't stop my boy from being as loud as he could possible be. Each time the Kings earned a Power Play you'd see the 4 of us head bangin' to Metallica, AC/DC or whichever band they played for that particular power play. My family LOVES hockey. It doesn't matter if the Kings win or lose, for us it's about the time spent together.

Every year I make the kids take a photo with Wayne. This started when I was pregnant with Jordan. The very first photo we have with Matthew and Wayne was taken the day before I found out I was pregnant with him. I have 10 years of photos like these.

My kids are loud. I'm sure they annoy people at the game but the way I look at it, if you don't want to hear the screaming fans, stay home. 

The kids are slowly learning the rules.If there is a bad call made they'll let you know. Hmmmm.... did Daddy have anything to do with that? The Kings lost on a bad, BAD call but the memories of that night will stay with me forever. Matthew yelling at the ref was priceless. Getting the crowd into the game IS his thing. Up until this year I'd say he bleeds purple and black like Rick but they went and changed colors so now he bleeds black, white and a bit of silver.  

And yes, again we were reminded of how spoiled we've become over the years. 300 level seats are great if they are free. If we're paying, we're down by the glass. And my fingers and toes will be purple-- thanks to my Raynaud's ;) But it's worth every single minute.

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