Sunday, October 23, 2011

The roller coaster known as ______________.

Everyone can fill in that blank. For us, it's autoimmune arthritis-- juvenile arthritis AND adult. Oh, uveitis and a few other AI diseases as well.

What people see when they look at Jordan and I are a healthy mom and daughter. They don't know the medications we need to take in order to LOOK healthy. Jordan and I are both on a biologic medication that is infused via IV anywhere from every 4 to 8 weeks. Right now Jordan is at 4 weeks and I am at 6. This particular medication causes our immune system to suppress which leaves us susceptible to infections.

Let me go back to my last post, Wednesday night part 1, the good part. I never did get back to the rest of what happened that night. See, I suffer from focal/pseudo seizures, depending on what doctor you are talking to. While we were waiting for our car after the Kings game my leg began to jerk. Withing 5 minutes I was holding on to Rick begging him to not let go of me because I knew I would fall. I don't know what triggered the episode but it got bad. We get out car and within minutes I'm seizing. Like an idiot, I didn't have my meds. Our goal was to get home. I seized the entire way which was about 1 hour. If I was an epileptic Rick would have called 911 or we would have went to the nearest hospital but there isn't much the ER will do for me.

We finally get home, I'm still seizing and Rick can't get me out of the car. There is no way I can walk so off to the ER we go. While at the ER not once but TWICE I was called a liar and Rick was told I was faking. This is why I hate the ER when I have these episodes. ER staff typically only see epileptic seizures. They don't see what happens to me. I won't go into what all happened, but in the end I got the med I needed and after a few hours I was home. 

This sets me up for who knows what over the next few weeks. I'm on this med that makes me loopy. I don't remember what happened for a good 2 weeks. I function but I have very little memory of what went on. We took the kids to the California Science Center on Monday, 10/3. It's one of their very favorite places. Best part, it's local and pretty much free. You make a donation and you're in. Too bad I don't remember most of the day. I know we had a good time and I know we went to dinner after. Unfortunately, looking back at the photos I remember a lot less then I thought.

J and Matty standing in front of one of the Apollo Capsules

Our 2011 family photo

My favorite photo of the day.
Me and my boy.

Part 3 to come. I know you can't wait ; )

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