Thursday, November 17, 2011

We have DEFINED knee caps!

Something so simple can bring such joy.

Jordan has defined knee caps after a year of not seeing them. Eyes still have some cells floating around but J's rheum and opth swear it's nothing to be conceded about. She goes back for an eye exam in about a month. As of right now we are not changing any meds but we are adding something to help her tummy. I'm pretty sure the mobic is causing her the tummy pain she has.

PT is going good. We are finally where we should have been all along. Ms. R knows her stuff and I trust her completely. There are a few things we are worried about but the request for special x-rays are in and we should know more soon. The last thing she needs is another diagnosis/issue but we'll take it as it comes.

Other then that things are the same here :)

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Tammy @ The Stitching Coop said...

Hello. I've just found your blog and glad I did. Having a support group is the best thing for all of us. I'm so sorry to hear your daughter also RA. As adults we take on what might seem impossible to some but to put it on a child is heartbreaking. It's not your fault, she had just as much chance at not having the issue. She looks like a tough cookie to me (please to meet you little one, stay brave). Just embrace the journey you both share and I'll keep you both in my prayers daily. Huggers to you both. tammy