Friday, January 13, 2012

Next PT Session... 3 weeks!

Today is just about over and we survived the week! 5 appointments in one week was tough. But sometimes you can't choose how things fall. When a doctor cancels an appointment, you take the next available. When you're told you need to have a test done ASAP, you find a way to work it in. And I did.

Jordan had PT this afternoon and it went well. She does have swelling in her knees and a few other joints but Ms. Rose told her she could re start her at home exercises again, with 2 added. Jordan fights sometimes - OK, a lot - but I've told her over and over that this is the only body she will ever have. She needs to do this stuff or she will end up with contractors again. We are working on fixing her hips right now. Knees look good.

The best news of the week came today. J should have been going to PT every week. We stretched it to every 2 weeks because I was on top of her at home. We did slack off in October because I was really sick. Then Jordan flared and got sick. I guess even with us being sick and madness that is Christmas, Jordan has improved so much Ms. Rose is stretching her to 3 weeks! I do need to get some weights to work with at home but that extra week before we need to drive out to PT will be nice! That's one less day I need to pull J out of school.

Not a big deal to most people, but at this point, I'll take any and all progress Jordan has and celebrate it!

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