Friday, May 25, 2012

My Bubby

It's always hard to write when I haven't written anything in a while. I think I take long breaks sometimes because I need a break away from all medical stuff. This week was one of those weeks where we had back to back appointments. And next week is the same.

Thursday Matthew had to have a minor procedure done on his ear. He's one of those kids who suffered from constant ear infections pretty much his entire life. He had 2 sets of tubes put in at age 2 and again when he was 4. After a while, the tubes are supposed to fall out. That didn't happen. Well, I take that back. The right tube on the set he had placed when he was 4 did come out on it's own about 2 months ago. The left wouldn't budge. Our wonderful  ENT tried twice to get it out but it was stuck. So, Matthew had the tube removed in the OR. He wasn't happy about being there but he did great! Now we hope and pray that he doesn't end up with infections again!

Before we did anything, I put emla on him. He's not afraid of needles but I thought it would be best if I numbed him up. The nurses we not happy with me and a few questioned where I got the emla. I told one I had a prescription for it and she left me alone after that.

It doesn't matter how many times your baby goes in for surgery, it's never easy. Thankfully Matty was not combative when he woke up. 

Matthew woke up enough to have a Popsicle, some juice then we headed home!

He was fine today. Running around playing like nothing happened. He s saying it hurts to breathe a little and his throat is sore but  don't know why. They didn't tube him because everything went so well, so fast.

I'm happy this is over with. Summer will be here before you know it and he'll be wanting to swim. Dr. T said he's good to go in a few weeks. Just in time for school to be out!

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