Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "Old" Me

Summer is here. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Usually summer is miserable for me. I swell, I hurt and I'm generally very, very grouchy. This year I was hoping things would be different. So far they are.

A month ago I had extremely swollen feet and I was unable to walk. My hands and hips hurt so I was needed pain meds and  muscle relaxers pretty much 24/7. I had my second upped infusion on 6/20. Within a week I noticed I didn't need the meds. Over the next week or so my swelling went down. As of last week, my swelling is GONE. I have some mild swelling in my right ankle when I'm on my feet all day. That's it.

My feet, 6/11/12 (By the way, this is the day the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup)

Last week I decided to take the chicklets to the beach. Totally random, spur of the moment type thing. We tried going to our usual beach but it was crowded. I decided to go further north to the beach Rick and I started going to about 13 years ago. There is a long path/trail heading down to the beach at a pretty steep incline. I didn't have a problem with this walk before getting sick. But after, it became almost impossible for me to do. 

I went from those feet, to being able to walk a couple of miles and climbing rocks at the beach in less than a month.

It's the very small things that I get excited about. Things that I haven't been able to do in years that I can do now make me so very thankful for our current medications. I've got a little part of the old me back.

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Anonymous said...

HOOT-HOOT! What wonderful news... You look fantastic and once again, on the move. You can't receive better news than this!

I'm so (((EXCITED))) for you, my friend! EnJOY every moment and how we appreciate the good days!!!

May God's Healing Presence, continue to be with you, forevermore!