Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A birthday, an infusion and the beach

Well, she's 11. It doesn't seem possible but it is. It took so long for her to get here and now the years are flying by.

Jordan ended up celebrating her birthday pretty much all weekend. Rick had to work Monday, her birthday, so we had dinner with my Mom, sisters and their kids on Saturday. We gave Jordan the option of having a party or giving her the cash that we would have used on a party. She opted for the cash. Between what we gave her and what she received as gifts, she was able to buy herself a little netbook.

On Sunday we celebrated with Rick's Mom and Grandpa. More gifts! Monday was her birthday. Much to her surprise the birthday fairy, AKA Mommy, had a few little things for her. Then, when we got to the clinic for her infusion, one of our JA friends had brought a gift for her as well  :)

Jordan's infusion could have been better. She was poked twice, there were issues with her line and she just CRASHED. That's not normal for her. I do think part of it was because when we left in the morning, I grabbed the Benadryl without checking to see if I had any cut in the bottle. Jordan takes half a tab, 12.5mg, before her infusion. She can take a full 25 but she's never had a reaction and we, Dr.G and I, decided to keep her at the lower dose unless we needed to up it. She's gained weight, up to 65 pounds now!, so the full 25mg doesn't hurt her but it seems to zonk her out.

When we left the clinic, Jordan was very moody. Matthew was with us and that didn't help. He was bored and starting to get very annoying. We were on our way home when one of the kids asked if we could go to the beach. I debated because of how Jordan was. But the car seemed to magically veer to the right to the 101N toward Ventura, or as the kids call it, "home."

We went to our favorite park on the beach. The kids played, we walked along the dock, went to In-N-Out for dinner then headed back to the beach. Apparently "Only get your feet wet." is kid for "Go ahead, play in the water!" Since this was an unplanned trip, we didn't have extra clothes or towels. They were cold so we headed home around 6:30.

Overall, Jordan had a pretty good birthday. 3 days of gifts will make anyone happy! Top it off with a trip "home" and I had a very happy girl.

J and one of the therapy dogs, Dreamer, that comes in every Monday. 

And, my zonked out Peanut.

One more thing, her labs that were drawn on Monday, are perfect! 

Her liver enzymes are still a little elevated but they're not too bad.. But all her inflammation markers are within normal range. This is the first year, since diagnosis, that her medical issues have been quiet around her birthday. Hopefully this is the first year of many!!!


Joanne said...

Hi! Just curious why you guys do benedryl. Seems like everyone does it before the infusions. Jacob hasn't taken it before his infusions. They had told us, unless he has a reaction he doesn't need it. I was kinda hoping he'd get a little nap in while we were there. :)

I'm just so glad to hear she is doing well and had a happy birthday! <3

Stacey said...

They always do benadryl and tylenol before to help with reaction/fevers. I guess it's fairly common to have a reaction so they pre medicated.

I take benadryl and tylenol for 24-48 hours after my infusion. If I don't, I feel even worse than I do with it.