Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are you kidding me?!

First off, I am not out to offend anyone. I believe everyone should do whatever they feel is right for their situation and family. HOWEVER, I feel it is wrong to post something like this online without giving important information. What type of juvenile arthritis does he have? What treatment did/does he receive? How long ago was he diagnosed, was there a delay in diagnosis and treatment? 

How "crippled" was he? I mean, how many of us use wheelchairs occasionally but can do "stunts" on a good day?

 That's me. On a good day :)

Here's the thing. I did a very quick search on Twitter, #juvenilearthritis, because I'm looking for current JA blogs. That video came up. I believe prayer is very powerful. I can't really hear the boy real well, but I think I heard him say he was getting injections and "other painful stuff:" I don't believe he was "healed" by prayer. Before people jump all over me, J has been prayed over, several times. I believe in science and medicine, and the powers that can come from prayer. I believe gems can help heal us. Food can. If this boy was in a wheelchair because he was in a terrible flare but was also receiving treatment when he was prayed over, isn't this testimonial deceiving? Isn't this giving newly diagnosed families false hope? 

JA isn't the only disease this guy claims to cure. Other autoimmune diseases, cancer and several "crippled" people in wheelchairs have been cured. Faith can be a wonderful thing. But when you're desperate to fix your child, you will do anything. I know one of the first things parents do is turn to the internet for answers and quick fixes. I know first hand what the delay in treatment can do. I hate to see others put meds off because they find things like this.


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Anonymous said...

I can understand your frustration, but I don't think you heard the boy correctly. He was joking about being healed by jesus...he said he said that as a joke to the other kids at school when they asked him what happened to the wheelchair. I didn't hear anything about prayer in the whole video...maybe I'm missing something... :)